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3 Reasons Why You Need to Add White Papers to Your Content Strategy

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

White papers are one of the most effective content marketing techniques to generate leads, attract interest from potential customers, increase your company’s profile as a thought leader and set your brand apart from your competitors.

Today, white papers are still extensively used to explain, argue, educate and promote government policies. In business to business marketing, it has established a significant and successful track record. It contains tons of rich subject-matter expertise that helps the reader solve a problem or make a decision.

One of the reasons white papers are able to generate high number of leads is that people are willing to hand over their information to read them. DemandGen’s 2019 Content Preferences Survey Report showed that more than half (63%) of respondents say they are willing to share information to access webinars, with white papers trailing closely behind at 49%.

If you need a little nudge towards embracing white papers, consider the following reasons why white papers are a critical part of any successful brand’s sales and marketing toolkit:

1. White papers are fantastic lead generators

White papers, when done right can generate good quality and quantity of leads. Successive studies have shown that white papers are a tried and tested means of collecting information from customers and buyers. Some tips to getting a white paper right:

  • Identifying the right target audience One white paper does not fit all. In another white papers are not generic lead generation tools that deliver all categories of leads.

The business audience has different interests and levels of technical competence in comparison to a technical audience. It may be more effective to deliver two separate white papers targeted to the particular audience.

  • Choosing a length that is appropriate for your audience.

Typically business audience or leads would consume a white paper that provides them necessary information to make an informed decision. However, it cannot be too long that it challenges their attention span. Technical decision makers, on the other hand, would require more detailed content that usually covers between eight (8) to 10 pages. A shorter and relatively succinct paper (6-8 pages) may be appropriate for the business decision maker.

  • Using only unbiased, factual content Many decision makers respond more positively to documented facts that aid their decision making than to strong opinions or sales pitches. You should provide unbiased, factual content that is referenced, clearly explaining the challenge or issue, provide a thorough explanation of possible solutions or best practices, and describe likely outcomes or benefits.

2. White paper helps your company to build trust and credibility in the industry

Companies use white papers to describe the technical features and benefits of their product or services. White papers also acts as a platform for companies to share their expert views in their industry. To help build trust and credibility, white papers should adopt an authoritative, insightful, demonstrative voice.

3. To establish a strong brand and position yourself as industry thought leaders and counsel

A company that has published multiple white papers demonstrates that it understands the problems and challenges their customer faces and are able to position itself as an industry expert.

A completed white paper will serve no purpose unless it’s marketed wisely and gets into the right hands.

Publishing content in a variety of different mediums is also an important part of creating a robust marketing strategy. As marketing expert Neil Patel puts it, “pursuing only one content creation format limits your brand exposure.”

Patel thus encourages businesses that want to attract different kinds of traffic to experiment with a range of content types, highlighting that making use of different content creation formats can help you “reach out better to the diversified segments in your own target audience.”

With all that said, if you are looking for a type of content to show both your profound knowledge of a particular subject and make you stand out from the crowd, a well-researched and compelling white paper is one of your best bets.

Consider outsourcing white paper lead generation to a white paper writing expert.

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