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Huawei's Mapping Tech to Rival Google, US Tech Giants Killer Robot Development & More News

This week in tech news: Huawei is developing a “mapping service,” seemingly designed to challenge Google Maps, Amazon, Microsoft and Intel are among leading tech companies putting the world at risk through killer robot development and data center growth in Singapore is the most competitive in Asia Pacific.

 Tech news you need to know, in two minutes or less.

image courtesy of The Digital Weekly

Huawei On It’s Way To Beat Google Maps, Building It’s Own Mapping Technology

Huawei is developing a “mapping service,” according to a report by state-run news outlet China Daily, seemingly designed to challenge Google Maps — but not the way you might expect. The app will reportedly be called Map Kit but is apparently not intended for direct consumer use but could be used by developers and businesses. The system will be connected to local mapping services and cover will 150 regions and countries.

A Huawei exec told China Daily that the mapping service, will offer developers a street navigation system they can use in their apps as well as a way to show users real-time traffic conditions. The exec also said that Map Kit will support “augmented-reality mapping.”

Photo courtesy of Yahoo Singapore

US tech giants ‘putting world at risk of killer AI’, study finds

Amazon, Microsoft and Intel are among leading tech companies putting the world at risk through killer robot development, according to a report that surveyed major players from the sector about their stance on lethal autonomous weapons.

Dutch NGO Pax ranked 50 companies by three criteria: whether they were developing technology that could be relevant to deadly AI, whether they were working on related military projects, and if they had committed to abstaining from contributing in the future. Twenty-two companies were of "medium concern," while 21 fell into a "high concern" category, notably Amazon and Microsoft who are both bidding for a $10 billion Pentagon contract to provide the cloud infrastructure for the US military.

image courtesy of Cushman & Wakefield

Data centers in Southeast Asia poised for rapid growth

The Southeast Asia (SEA) region including Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia will be the fastest growing region for co-location data centres over the next five years, with its market size expanding by a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13 per cent between 2019 and 2024. Latest research by Cushman & Wakefield and Structure Research projects data centre growth in Southeast Asia to be spurred by the rapid pace of digitization and the surge in demand for cloud-based services as a result.

However, the lack of fully developed infrastructure in many of the emerging markets in the region poses much challenges for data centre players. Despite there is much room for improvement in infrastructure, the investment potential of data centre far outweighs the teething issues. The limited supply of data centre across the region also means that demand will remain keen.

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