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India Digitally Mapping the Country, Huawei Woos Tech World with 5G Secrets & More News

This week in tech news: India has initiated a project to digitally map the country using drones, artificial intelligence can bring marketing and sales closer together and Huawei is offering up its most valuable 5G secrets and $1.5 billion to software developers.

Tech news you need to know, in two minutes or less.

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Artificial Intelligence, Drones all set to digitally map India

India has initiated a project to digitally map the country with a resolution of 10 centimetres, using drones and technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and big data, a senior government official said on Monday. The herculean task was taken up by the Survey of India, part of the Department of Science and Technology, a few months ago and is planned to be completed in two years, the Department's Secretary, Prof Ashutosh Sharma said.

Three digital centers have been built for this. From here the geographical digital data of the entire country will be generated. This digital map will be more accurate and clear than a satellite-controlled GPS system. However, such locations will not be mapped keeping national security in mind, they are sensitive. The project has started in Maharashtra, Haryana and Karnataka. With this, information related to land and whereabouts can be easily detected. Once the project is completed, the data will be available to citizens and to Gram Panchayats and local bodies, empowering them to use it in decision making and planning process.

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Artificial intelligence can bring marketing and sales closer together – and improve the buyer experience

A recent study found that 81 percent of B2B buyers now make purchase decisions based on buying experience, rather than product or price. These modern buyers expect a personalised experience with relevant content throughout the purchase journey, regardless of whether they’re doing their own research or engaging with a salesperson. But in most cases, organisations are missing the mark, using static, irrelevant presentations that aren’t engaging their buyers – and they’re losing deals because of it.

For a great buyer experience, it’s content that is key.  According to research from SiriusDecisions, on average, salespeople use more than 17 pieces of content to enable the selling process. As such, organisations are investing more and more in developing content for all stages of the buyer journey. Rather than a salesperson depending on their own past experience, AI can provide new recommendations for content that has proven to be successful in similar situations. Fuelled by data, AI tools will recommend a piece of content to the seller that has previously generated positive outcomes in similar selling situations. Using these recommendations, the salesperson can deliver content that’s relevant to a specific stakeholder’s unique needs and interests. 

image courtesy of Nikkei Asian Review

China’s Huawei Woos Tech World With $1.5 Billion and 5G Secrets

Huawei Technologies Co. is offering up its most valuable 5G secrets and $1.5 billion to software developers, courting the global tech community at a time the U.S. is heightening scrutiny of the Chinese giant. China’s largest technology company aims to ramp up investment in its developer program over the next five years, Deputy Chairman Ken Hu told attendees at an annual conference. That effort is gaining urgency with Huawei in danger of losing access to American circuity and code, including the Google software it needs to run the world’s No. 2 mobile device business.

The Chinese telecoms equipment giant has said that it has secured more than 50 5G commercial contracts even as it fights accusations from the United States and its allies that its networks are vehicles for Chinese espionage. Ken Hu said that while the rollout was accelerating, especially in Asia, the company believed that it would still need to "wait for a while before 5G contributes a sizeable share to revenue". Hu, one of three main people who run Huawei’s day-to-day operations, reiterated an offer first voiced by billionaire founder Ren Zhengfei to share 5G blueprints. While he was vague on how that would work, Hu said Huawei would be willing to open up its tech vaults for a fee, to help another company catch up on a technology that will drive applications from smart homes to self-driving cars.

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